Big Brother  is Watching
  Anti-ANPR Spy Cameras UK
        Big Brother is Watching

A free and democratic society requires respect for the autonomy of individuals, and limits on the power of both state and private organizations to intrude on that autonomy . . . Privacy is a key value which underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. . . . Privacy is a basic human right and the reasonable expectation of every person

ANPR Cameras

Wondering what all the new roadside cameras are around the Uk & Northern Ireland?

They are Spy Cameras

Ask the Police and they will tell you this:

"They are safety cameras"
"If you not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about"


The Police will not tell you this:

Along with instantly checking you for Road Tax, Insurance and Mot, which obviously every road user should have. You are also presumed guilty of committing an array of criminal offences. This supposedly gives the police justification to then store your every journey on a database for a minimum of two years even if you are completely innocent.

Every time you pass a ANPR Camera your details are taken and stored on the national police database for two years.

Checked against DVLA Tax Database
Checked against Motor Insurance Database
Checked against National MOT Database
Location of passing Stored for 2 years
Cars registration Stored for 2 years
Time of passing Stored for 2 years
Direction of travel Stored for 2 years
Car make and model Stored for 2 years
Car colour Stored for 2 years
Registered drivers name Checked & Stored for 2 years
Registered drivers address Checked & Stored for 2 years
Registered drivers date of birth Checked & Stored for 2 years
Positive "hits" are stored for 5 years

Anything that is linked to your personal DVLA information is recorded AND Stored (without consent).

Yes!: there is a motor insurance database

Yes!: there is a MOT database

Yes!: there is a Road-tax database



There are 10 Billion innocent peoples movements stored on the UK database to date.

15 million innocent peoples details are logged and stored every day

Your cars number plate is also your:

Your name and address
Your age
Car insurance details
Car tax details
Car Mot details
Previous convictions (if any)

They are NOT just reading number plates


Using sophisticated data mining software such as  the "Northgate BOF 2.3  Advanced Data Miner"  that is used by all UK police forces, allows every journey you ever make to be tracked, traced, mapped and spied upon for the previous two years. This is done entirely without your consent or knowledge.

Northgate openly admit that this software-

"By analysing the 98% of data that you don’t currently use, you can turn ANPR into a critical source of intelligence for proactive policing."

"allows users (not just analysts) to access the 2% of reads that result in hits, but more importantly, to access the 98% that offer intelligent leads"

(The 98% being completely innocent people)

    It has also been done without the consent of your MP

There has been no public consultation, there has been no parliamentary debate and no legislation has ever been introduced for ANPR cameras.

This system also has no safeguards, independent scrutiny or regulation whatsoever in place.

Whats wrong with ANPR?

what's wrong with anpr?

Download the No-CCTV Report

Privacy is a fundamental aspect of our freedom.
 The idea that freedom can be enhanced by reducing our privacy is hideous

There is not and never can be justification for harvesting
and storing data information
  from innocent law abiding citizens by a government
without the explicit permission of the individual.